The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 6441484860522496_Screen1 will not be saved

i have problem today when i am open thunkable live testing

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You’re right. Temporarily, there are problems with the server.

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This problem has been detected lots of times. It destroys Thunkers’ apps. I have just moved to Thunkable Classic because of it.
I hope Team will fix it as soon as possible.

Are you talking about the Thunkable Live X problem where after changing small projects it crashes into Live on Android? Or are you saying that a big project is simply impossible to launch on Android (which I also encountered recently)?

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i have problem in classic when live testing

Then why did you write in branch X?

Big projects. And when it crashes a few times, then you will never do changes on it.

I agree. But before building a large and tall house, you first need to look, but will it survive the existing foundation - Thunkable X for Android?

Bro the team is on different mission on upgrading api to 26 so it will take some time to fix all and it will be launched soon within 24-48 hrs so wait

We know that mate. We just mention the issues so that Thunkable team will have a look at them.