[SOLVED] Thunkable live crashing

I’ve had a quick look round the other topics but can’t find anything that directly answer my question.
I am creating an app that works fine in the online test platform. All coding appears to be working as expected. But when I go to test it with the live platform from my phone it is telling me there is something wrong with my blocks. Is this a bug?

Hello @sammy-wrightcuhb
Could you please share the specific project URL with us so we can investigate it further?
You could copy it from the top of your browser.


This way we could find the best solution for you.


A little troubleshooting tells me the clone block is causing the issue. But unsure if that’s as a result of something I’m doing

I checked it and it didn’t crash
Could you please check if you have the latest version of the live app?

That may be my fault sorry I tried to start it from fresh. But I can certainly try to make sure I have the latest version. I will admit I have not done that. It’s definitely the clone button because I went through step by step and it only crashed at the moment I put that in.
I’ll try updating the app on my phone and see if that helps.

I can confirm that the issue was resolved when I updated the app. My apologies

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