Switch result save

Hi Everyone,
I am new to thunkable and app creation.
I am working on an app and I have an information page for the users to fill out things like name, address… For those I have text inputs for the answers. I was trying to use a switch for a Yes or No answer AND save into Airtable. My results are showing up in the Airtable from the text inputs but the switch results are not. I want it to give me a Yes or a No

I’ve looked at similar topics and did not see one (current version) to help me.

Any help would be appreciated. I want to learn. I do not want to cop out and use a text input. :slight_smile:

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  1. Use the switch property “value” which returns true or false, instead of “visible”.

  2. If want to show “yes” or “no” when you save up to airtable, you may use the switch “on Value change” event block to set a text variable, to set “yes” or “no” corresponding to the values true or false. Then when you create the new row, use the variable to upload instead.