I can't "Create Row" in select tables in Airtable all of a sudden

Is anyone else having issues with not being able to “create row” in some of your tables in an Airtable base but not having issues with the others.

At first I thought maybe I made a change to a variable that is impacting them, but going through each one that doesn’t make sense. I have been going through everything for hours and am sure the answer is staring me right in the face.

I am not using the new UI and I have checked to make sure the APIs and such are all correct. Any ideas?

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Pls send a screen shot of the code

Please see this comment as it might be related

For loop or control that acts like a for loop in Thunkable? - #2 by tatiang. This was by @tatiang

I have narrowed it down to when I use the True and False values and the switch values which are also true and false based. If I remove these it will create the row. I can even substitute the “true” in a text box. But I can’t use the the logic or switch options.

I think my answer will lie in this post… though all of these things used to work for me. https://community.thunkable.com/t/about-true-and-false-and-a-trap-i-fell-into/905350?u=luellabella

This was the resolution to that issue: About "true" and "false" - and a trap I fell into - #8 by tatiang.

But without seeing your blocks, there’s really no way to figure out why it’s not working.


lol, great minds. I just shared that post above.

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Send the pic of YOUR code, not someone else’s