[Superpost] How can I download a .ipa file of my app from Thunkable?


Is it possible for me to distribute my app to iOS devices without publishing my app on AppStore? My app has been rejected by AppStore and I need to find another solution.

Thanks In Advance

Maybe you should create a better app. If it was rejected by Apple it will probably be rejected by other stores (if they exist) and most importantly by your users.

What does your app consist of?

Hi @Dean_Artis. My app was rejected because it was a web app, creating a blogging app, which so requires the use of web viewer to display the blog. But, thank you anyway!

Hi @jared. My app uses web viewer component to display blogs

Officially only apps from the App Store can be installed on iOS.

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What you could do is ask anyone who wanted that app to create a thunkable account and share a link with them so they too may download the app

Hi @jared. Thanks for the suggestion! However, the method only works for sharing the app to certain people. What if we want to distribute the app to all users. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi @actech. It’s true that only apps from App Store can be installed on iOS; however, is it possible that we distribute apps through the internet? Using .ipa files of our app may work, but Thunkable hasn’t provided that service yet. Thanks!

This would work if each user had the program iMazing which can be used for side loading as you speak of. You can’t simply just install iPhone apps in the same manner as Android.

You are speaking of side loading. This requires IMazing or jailbreaking the phone.

Apple doesn’t want to host apps in the store that are only for viewing websites.

Hi @jared Can you elaborate further on iMAZING? Thanks!

Hi. This is the type of solution I’m looking for, where in the app download link is shown on the website for users to download! This may be from the internet, yet it does not require jailbreaking! I hope this helps!

Doesn’t that transfer data from your iPhone to your laptop instead of sending the application file to the phone? Thanks!

It can be used to transfer data both ways. I think this would at least get you the ipa.

Hi @jared. How do you download the .ipa file of an app that has not been published to App Store yet? Is it possible to use the app bundle id on Thunkable?

It is not possible to download the .ipa file of an iOS app directly from Thunkable. We only encourage creators to distribute their iOS apps via permitted means, ie the App Store.

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The means to distribute your app is not your most important issue here.
If your app is just a web viewer, then your product is not an app, it’s a website.
Did you create the website that is being displayed in your app?

Have you tried adding other screens/functions to your app?


Since its a web app, why don’t you publish it as a web-app? It’s immediate on thunkable platform. Any phone with browser can use the app.

Why can’t I get the ios installation file, only the link