Make the .ipa file downloadable

We want the .ipa file to be downloadblae so that it can be tested on emulators and other debuggers and stuff

Hi there. Thanks for the request. We’ll take a look into this. We have to be very careful with distributing the .ipa files since Apple has very strict rules around distribution of apps outside of their officially licensed channels.

Which emulators and debuggers are you looking to use specifically?

Albert @ Thunkable

I am looking to use and

It’s very hard to capture screenshots for all the devices without it.

Besides paying for thunkable, this is technically our application so why would this be any problem to you. I think it would be very wrong on your part in any case. It really doesnt help anyway because we have to wait for you to update your code as both apple requires the app to be ready for the newer versions of iOS.

I also want the .ipa file to share it on within my company. Is it possible sir

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This would be sweet but you’ll need an enterprise developer account. I was just communicating with Apple about this a couple days ago for the same need


I see. Looking forward to see that. thx

how about it is possible for me to let someone else to help me publish on App Store without login in my thinkable page?

It would be, though this is not adviseable. You can share the app with your buddy and let him call it his and publish under his own name and take credit for it though :slight_smile:

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It’s will be nice to download .ipa to add some string in infos.plist (“scheme url” to open safari link like hello://**** directly to the app)
or add this feature “scheme url” directly to Thunkable please.

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Hey @10tribu welcome to the community! :wave:

We’re researching how to do deep linking at the moment. Not sure if it’s possible and to maintain cross platform compatibility, but if it is we’ll keep you updated here in the community.

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@domhnallohanlon thanks for your welcome ! :wink:
well it will be great to have the .ipa to change the info.plist directly inside !