Sharing the IPA and APK of my app

I developed a proof-of-concept / tech-demo app I don’t intend to release on the app stores but I would still like to share with all Thunkers. Am I allowed to share the links to the APK and IPA files for educational purposes with anyone to download? I would appreciate an official answer from anyone at Thunkable.

Would it just be easier to distribute a the URL to your project page?

I wouldn’t like to reveal the code. My point is to motivate people by showing them what’s possible with Thukable, not how. Otherwise they will just copy and paste the code instead of investing time to learn how to overcome limitations.

My Mom told me it isn’t nice to tease. :rofl:

It is a YouTube player… maybe :wink: And no, it does not use webview or any other external service. All voodoo magic gets executed on the device.

how about share just the apk file? That should work. We will be able to install on our devices and try it without seeing the inside.

Hi @nppvice. My main concern is around the iOS app because in the download email I received from Thunkable I read the following:

“Please do not share the link. If you want to invite others to test your project, please enroll in the Apple Developer Program and use Apple’s TestFlight program.”

Now, I don’t want to be a troublemaker so I prefer to ask before I do something that will break the rules. As for the Android APK, I assume it is not a problem to share it but I would like to share both at the same time.


No feedback so I will go ahead and share it tomorrow…

Feel free to share your .apk @Deluxe but do not share the .ipa link.

Please let us know who we can make the wording of that text cleaner if you feel it was ambiguous.


We’ve been over this ground several times before - we’re mere mortals and not robots, sometimes we don’t work all weekend, so if you post on Saturday/Sunday staff response times will be a little slower than usual. Will try harder to make this clearer in the #communityguidelines when I get into work tomorrow morning.

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Hi @domhnallohanlon. It is not ambiguous at all, hence my request for permission before I posting it. Question: Does this restriction also apply outside the Thunkable forums?

I will go ahead and post the APK as advised.

Thank you very much

Absolutely - this is a requirement from Apple and not Thunkable. As the owner of your project you can test it on your device, but it is for personal use only.

“Please do not share the link” means please do not share the link anywhere.

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