Summer Tinkering Camp

Hi everyone!

I tend to be quite active on this site but you may have noticed I haven’t been around as much the past few weeks. There’s a good reason! I’ve been running a tinkering camp for 7-11 year olds. We teach them how to use power tools (cordless drills and a mitre saw) and then they plan something to build out of wood and screws based on a theme we provide. Here’s a photo of a 66-foot roller coaster the kids dreamt up and then built by themselves (with just a little help from us adults) for our “Magical County Fair” week:

When the week is over, the kids use drills to take apart the whole thing and return all of the materials back to storage while parents watch in awe (we don’t allow the parents to use the drills!).


Really amazing job.

I was under the impression it is the other way round :innocent:


Thanks! It’s funny because a big part of the camp is helping young kids to feel independent and empowered. When parents show up – especially dads – they just assume they will be using the drills to help their kids take everything apart. But we tell them that their kids are in charge of the drills. :sunglasses:


Oh wow @tatiang that looks amazing.
I’m impressed at our camps the dad’s do mostly all work.


@muneer @lukehoogenboom0i

Here’s a 7 year-old operating a drill during camp yesterday. Those low to the ground pilot holes and screws are not easy! Even for me.


Wow really courageous kids. I do most of the house maintenance and I know what this kid is doing is not easy at all.

These kids must be lucky having you and other teachers like you to encourage them and support them.

You @tatiang deserve to be proud of what they do. :+1: :clap: :clap:


Oh wow,
That looks so cool😎
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.