Suggestion for new components in Thunkable IOS!


Hey @wei ! Can you give us an approximate date ? Thanks !

And any news on that one ? :confused: IMPORTANT: Two-Factor Authentication & Publishing to iOS App Store on Thunkable Cross Platform ✕


Most APIs like this have a Cartesian type co-ordinate system so that you can tell objects where to go and move things around. You should do that.


Know the language of the system


A component that can tell if you’re using an Android device or an ios device




Get Device info. Paste the text below into the appropriate text blocks.

data:text/html,<meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src=""></script> <style> .fieldName{display:inline-block;line-height:140%;font-weight:bold} </style> <div id="idResult"></div> <script> function getInfo(){ var _str = ""; var _list = []; _list.push("class:device:desktop"); _list.push("class:device:tablet"); _list.push("class:device:mobile"); _list.push("type:device:ipad"); _list.push("type:device:iphone"); _list.push("type:device:ipod"); _list.push("type:device:androidPhone:Android Phone"); _list.push("type:device:androidTablet:Android Tablet"); _list.push("type:device:windowsPhone:Windows Phone"); _list.push("type:device:windowsTablet:Windows Tablet"); _list.push("type:device:blackberryPhone:Blackberry Phone"); _list.push("type:device:blackberryTablet:blackberry Tablet"); _list.push("type:device:fxosPhone:Firefox OS Phone"); _list.push("type:device:fxosTablet:Firefox OS Tablet"); _list.push("type:device:meego:MeeGo"); _list.push("type:device:television:Television"); _list.push("user-agent:navigator:userAgent:User agent"); _list.push("platform:navigator:platform"); _list.push("screen width:screen:width"); _list.push("screen height:screen:height"); _list.push("orientation:device:landscape"); _list.push("orientation:device:portrait"); _list.push("device pixel ratio:window:devicePixelRatio"); for( var _i in _list){ var _spl = _list[_i].split(":"); var _field = _spl[0]; var _func = _spl[1]; var _val = _spl[2]; var _add = _spl[3]; var _value = _val; if (_add){ _value = _add; } if( _func == 'device' ){ if (window[_func][_val]()){ _str += '<div class="fieldName">' + _field + ':</div> ' + _value + '<br>'; } } else { _str += '<div class="fieldName">' + _field + ':</div> ' + window[_func][_val] + '<br>'; } } return _str; } try{ document.getElementById('idResult').innerHTML = getInfo(); } catch(e){ document.getElementById('idResult').innerHTML = e; } </script>



it does not work for me


Does this project work for you?




If you have any questions, ask.


more swipe function adjustmets with the tab navigator. e.g on screen 1 just allow swiping left; on screen 3 disable swipe. This will save me many true/false variables to prevent from advancing a screen before youre supposed to.

also swipeable button/label/component. e.g. swipe right for yes, left for no.

I agree with more list editting functions


I’d like more customize settings for styling buttons. Rn I have some disabled buttons but I cannot remove the grey background set for disabled buttons even though my button is PNG with a transparent background.


Disabled button you can do this: use the active button, but the top cover it with the transparent Column, which does not give press the button.


Thanks for the advice! However I´m not sure how to do that haha. I´ve already checked advanced settings for columns and rows and I still don´t find anything to “cover” the button. Sorry to keep bothering :stuck_out_tongue:


Everything is very simple.

  1. Create a Column
  2. Add a button to this Column.
  3. Add one more Column to the Column. Set the background color for it, width = 100%, height = 100% and on the additional tab specify position = absolute


It worked just fine, thanks again!