Latest iOS release - 4 new components! (Apr 24)

Hey Alpha Testers,

Not sure if you’ve noticed yet but we pushed out a redesigned login page and 4 new components to our iOS Alpha for your app building needs.

The new components are a Label, a Textbox and a Horizontal and Vertical Arrangement.

Please let us know what you think!

Albert @ Thunkable

Release notes


I still can’t get “Hello World” working on the iOS Live Preview app.

Is it ok to share a screenshot here?

yes - feel free to share anything in this group.

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This is literally all I’m trying to do:

I’ve updated the companion app,
checked that the button was enabled,
logged out/in
etc. etc.

But for whatever reason I can’t even get the most basic of code to work. The live preview is great, any changes in the designer are instantly displayed on the phone, but none of my code will work :frowning:

Ive had no problems with my blocks not working. Is it somthing with the connection between the two apps?

Just my WiFi, which works fine for Android live testing.

But good to know it works!!

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@domhnallohanlon were you able to get it working?


Nope, still nothing. :frowning:

Updated the live app and updated iOS to 10.3.1 and it still just shows the design, but won’t execute any code.
Is anyone else using an iPhone 5s?

Hi Domhnall,

We discovered a bug on our blocks code that we are fixing thanks to your feedback. We’ll keep you posted on when this is fixed.

Albert @ Thunkable


Just a note that this issue should’ve been fixed on our latest release from today. Thanks for your patience!!