Suggestion for new components in Thunkable!

I like to see zip/unzip added along with the file or the ability to added extensions.
Also more functions to the timers
And sliders
Button image control

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I need to upload images from iphone to firebase storage. I need that so much, because you made this very reliable firebase component for iOS-> picture upload would be the next consequent step in thunkable being a truly unique crossplatform development choice!
Till now I have iphone and android device read/write access to firebase database. Firebase storage is read/write for android devices, but read only for iphone.
read/write firebase storage for iOS (= image upload) would be so nice :heart_eyes:

cheers User81

We’re going to be adding image upload soon!


i need some blocks that can send an sms to the users of my app

We are working on adding this!

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advanced listview with images would be very interesting for me, too.

I think @ColinTree has the most sophisticated solution for android version. His listview design could be a good sample for a iOS advanced listview.



Canvas with drawing (movement with finger)
Ball/sprites for games
notifier/modal dialogs
textfields with ability for arithmetic operations (input/output of numbers)
checkboxes, sliders
table layout
more sensors

Yes! Please keep the suggestions coming! We’re working as quickly as we can to add more components.



Is any of these features going to be included in the new combined App??
Add to these that you have to select a project in order to get to the commands to get help, the only thing on the front page menu is account log off!
How about a simple facility to download the structure of a thunkable project (AIA files) using a FTP command similar to the Android version, which can be done on PC or Apple MAC?
The IOS version currently seems very esoteric.


add to Bluetooth LE

Thank you~

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Ability to change component name. Now it is very difficult while coding in blocks.

Some simple components:

  • Time and date picker.
  • Slider.
  • Notifier.
  • Checkbox or Switch.
  • List Viewer.
  • Clock sensor.
  • Local File storage.
  • HTML tags in text labels.

Thank you very much!!!


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Bluetooth LE would be awesome!

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keep the suggestions coming!


-All features for lists


Sprites that can be moved by touch.
Sprites that can stamp the screen
Ability to draw on screen.


I’ve logged all these component requests.

Please continue to suggest more!

Admob on X is #1 item on my list :slight_smile: