Street Address Authenticity Checker

Hi everyone,

I want users to be able to input their home addresses and for my app to check if the submitted addresses are valid (meaning that they actually exist somewhere in the world). Is there any way to pull this data from Google Maps and verify the authenticity of an address?

I would appreciate any help!

Hey @bobsunscreen - I’m not aware of such a feature, but if one exists I’d imagine it would be an expensive service.

What sort of app are you trying to build, and can you explain a little more about how this feature would be used?

Hi @domhnallohanlon, thanks for your response! I’m trying to create an app that suggests day trip locations. Users enter their addresses, select their preferences when it comes to landscape, weather, terrain, etc, and then locations near them appear. In order to make the results accurate and to ensure I don’t receive null values, I want something that could check to make sure that the address a user enters exists - although I suppose I could use Google Maps to retrieve a user’s current location instead of requiring them to input it themselves.

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