Get latitude and longitude from adress, geocoding

Hello there,

it took about half a day trying, but now I want to share a option to get the coordinates of a adress in thunkable iOS via webAPI which contacts the google maps API (for extended use you should get an official API key)

in the Screenshot I selected the formatted_adress. change this to other properties from the received JSON object


et voilà … for latitude:

and even nicer it gets, when you use the place_id from this object to make a second request with web API to get the places information (shop name, tel number, opening times, etc.) => here PlacesAPI key is required! :hugs::hugs:

This is pretty awesome! Great work.

Помогите с маркерами. Я хочу, чтобы на одном экране любой пользователь мог добавить маркер с описанием (например, хорошим хранилищем), маркер был сохранен в базе данных Firebase по координатам маркера ( широте и долготе), а на другом экране любой пользователь увидел все маркеры из базы данных ? нужен блок …

thank you @User81 !

Is there a way to use geocode without an API key ?

I use thunkable as an education ressource, and it would be a bit complex for kids to create an google dev account and retrieve API keys