Get Current Location with Location Sensor

I am new to Thunkable.

I want to get the current address ( ie. Flat No, Street Name, City, State, Pincode, etc. )

In App Inventor, the Location Sensor has a get Current Adress property. But in thunkanble, I can only get the Latitude, longitude and altitude.

Is there any way to get the Address?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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welcome to our community @sai1910!! :smile:
i think you might try api i guess

You need to use a reverse geocoding API such as this:

I haven’t used that exact API. My app uses the Open Weather Map API which returns a city name (but not a specific address).


Thanks. But how do I use the API?

Can you please give me a demo/ explain the steps in a simple way on how to use it?

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use the web api component

Please explain step-by-step…

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you can see my web api apps


Thanks! I’ll see to it.

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I still didn’t understand how to get and use the API for my need…

Can you please explain it to me exactly how do I

  1. Get the API
  2. Implement it i my app
  3. Use it to get the Adress.

(Sorry. I am new here.)

@sai1910 Web APIs are definitely an advanced feature of Thunkable. It’s not as simple as 1, 2, 3. In fact, it may take you a few hours to figure out how to configure the API and test it. If you have a programming background, it may not take you that long.

There’s also often a fee for using APIs.

Start with the link I provided for Google’s Geocoding API. If you get stuck trying to implement it, ask specific questions and people here can help you. There are also many tutorial videos that explain how to use APIs with Thunkable. Just Google thunkable api and you’ll be able to get started.


Ok, So I managed to create an API Key using the instructions at

What is the next step for me to do?

instructions will be given on that website how to use

Nothing is mentioned there how to implement it into Thunkable

not into thunkable steps to implement in any other app

Like I said, you’ll have to watch some tutorial videos and learn how to use APIs. There will be a REST API call that returns a JSON result. But it’s not a quick fix – it’s going to take some time to learn all of this.

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did you see these for start?

hello @tatiang has explained it very clearly if you don’t understand then don’t say these words

if you want i and @tatiang will will help more but don’t say word like these