Question to Location Sensor

Is there any way in the area of the location sensor to display the exact address as well? I do not mean the GPS data but the exact address such as = 4020 Linz, Landstraße 75! GPS data, speed, altitude, etc. I know, but the address? I could not find anything in the X Docs, as well with the search function.
Thx for helping.


You would need to take the lat/lng and run it through a google maps api to get the address i believe.

You can get the address details based on lat&lon but I believe that is only feasible in developed countries with well structured zip or post code system.

we have a zip and post code system. But how can I get the adress? In App Inventor the Location Sensor “give me” the adress directly and I can them show in a textbox!

You can get an address only if you have access to a service that decodes location. Like Google Map, for instance. And even that is not foolproof: my street takes several twist and bends, has no less than 2 loops, and as a consequence, Google Map claim my street address is the 18th house from mine.

If there is a correlation, it is because someone did some calculation and programmed some rules, probably using the address at one end of a street and applying an equation that assumes the house number would change each 15 or 20 m. It is NOT reliable, if you want to use it as some sort of automated drone delivery system control.