How do you get the address using the location sensor?

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I want to use the location sensor to display the user’s address. For example: Example Road 1b, 12345 City

Because with “location” i only get "[Object object]
Latitude and longitude works fine.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, use Google geocodind and reverse geocoding api.



This is not an answer to your question but will help you understand actech’s comment. Watch this video out of a very good series of examples. It will give you some insight into location - Its a list of objects.
Get used to objects as they are your friend and save you a lot of coding.

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Hello @actech, i need some help. I’m working on an app that is a combination of a chatting app, and a maps app. While i’ve got the chat part covered, I was wondering how would you get an address of a place according to its latitude and longitude. So i heard about this web api and went to the thunkable documentation and saw that you can retrieve data from a website and display it on your app, but that didn’t help. What i did understand was it could reduce the amt. of code you insert in your app. Can you give me a link to the reverse geocoding api? Since i’m a beginner when it comes to web api’s can you also send me a pic of the blocks if it’s not too much, so that it can display an address on a text whenever you click a position on the map.

Thanks A trillion @actech

an you give me a link to the reverse geocoding api?

Hi, are you looking for this? - Overview  |  Geocoding API  |  Google Developers

Thanks @actech. Unfortunately I’ve already visited this website. I’m a COMPLETE beginner in api’s and maps. so, even if i get all the info i need, i wont be able to put it in the app. So basically, I dont know what to do with api’s, until someone just told me you can retrieve information out of it, and I was like 'oh. kinda like a table or a database. In the description of a youtube video, that guy sent a link to a list of api’s so checked it out. there were different variation and I didnt know what to choose. Since I’m a beginner and all, during experimenting with map blocks, I came across
‘On Map Click (deprecated)’
‘On Map Long Click (deprecated)’
I’m VERY confused.

i guess you need to do a search see this - Reverse Geocoding App - Get Location from Latitude/Longitude
also - Geolocation API with Opencage Data (NEW!)

Thanks It really helped!
These are the blocks that I added into the project

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