A free API for converting lat and long coordinates got by an location sensor to city

Hi, actually I need an API which will convert latitude and longitude coordinates got by the sensor to the city on that specific coordinates

Here is a link to Google’s Reverse Geocoding Web API

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@drted but the api is asking some money , but I need a free of cost api

I think this solved becoz I got an api called big data cloud


Two things that might be troubling about that service:

  1. They have a warning that anyone using a lat/lon pair that does not come from the device’s current location will be banned. If you only need the location sensor data to be used in the API call, I don’t think you’ll run into a problem with that rule.
  2. Their sample JSON retrieves the location of Google’s headquarters and lists the city as “Santa Clara County.” That is not a city. It’s a county. The city should be Mountain View, CA. So I’d want to be sure the service actually works as described.

I’m using OpenWeatherMap’s API. When I do an API call for the same lat/lon pair for Google’s headquarters, the result I get for the city name is “Mountain View”.

OpenWeatherMap’s API is free for up to 60 calls/minute and 1,000,000 calls/month.

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