How can I initialize a map using an address only & Can I ‘listen’ for incoming text messages & how can I keep the screen on

If anyone can help me out, I would be grateful.
I would like to subscribe to the “pro” version of Thunkable.
First, however, I would like to redo my own little app, developed
with Kodular.
I have 3 questions:

  1. I need to activate a map with a traditional address
    street, city, state (for example “Wall Street, New York, USA”).
    In the version with Kodular I made use of an “Activity_Starter”.
    How can I do with Thunkable?

  2. I need to be able to automatically send a message in response to
    one received. When I receive an SMS, I need the App to read it for me and
    can give me the number are calling.

  3. I need to keep an App Screen active during its use
    without the screen darkening and having to re-enter the code.
    In Kodular I used “set Screen1.Keep Screen On to true”.
    Is there anything similar in Thunkable?

thank you again

Germano prof. Maniscalco (from Italy, Sicily)

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  1. You would have to use an API to convert a street address to a lat/lon pair which could be plotted on a map in Thunkable.
  2. I don’t think this is possible in Thunkable.
  3. See the Keep Screen Awake block in the documentation:
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Thank you for your kind reply. I can take advantage of yours
kind availability? If yes, I ask you again:

  1. How do I get an API to convert
    a street address in a lat / lon pair?
  2. There is no way to get the mobile number
    from which an SMS was received?
    This alone would be enough for me.

Thanks again, best regards.

If you Google street address lat long api, the first result is this:

That will allow you to convert between a street address and a lat/long pair.

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Thank you for your kind reply.
Can I still take advantage of your kind availability?
If yes, I ask you again:

  1. How do I get an API to convert
    a street address in a lat / lon pair?
  2. There is no way to get the mobile number
    who sent an SMS?
  3. There is no Thunkable way of reading a text so that
    can listen to an SMS without me having to do anything?
    This alone would be enough for me.

Thanks again, best regards.

This topic explains reverse geocoding. You’ll need to use forward geocoding but I think the process is pretty similar.

I’ve already answered your other questions.

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Nope. This is not possible at this time and could lead to a big potential violation of privacy. It is possible with natively coded apps (e.g. When Github sends me a verification code to enter into the browser, my phone automatically reads it and can insert the code), but not Thunkable built apps.

What kind of app are you trying to build? Does this completely impede you from being able to do that?

You ask me what should this app do?
I didn’t invent anything. It was an exercise in a book
for Kodular and I also found it in the stores. It’s an app
which is used to not use the mobile phone while driving the car.
If you receive an SMS, you are prompted to read and reply while
driving, dangerous habit of using the cell phone.
This app automatically READS the SMS and prepares
an SMS in REPLY, so that the driver does NOT touch the
mobile phone, the only thing to do is to press the send of the SMS
pre-filled response. I have only customized this app.
I created an internal, permanent table with 4 fields:
Surname, Name, Smartphone number, Gender. A phone book
internal and different from the system one. A table that is also secret,
in case others (mom, dad, siblings, wife or husband) can access the phone.
I added the Gender, so the pre-filled message of
answer recognize the person and differentiate, confidential him with a “she” or a “he”.
If the sender of the SMS is not present in this internal directory, the reply
it will be undifferentiated. But you need to have the calling number.
Violation of privacy is knowing the number used by who is calling me?
IOnly need this: to be able to have the number of the caller.
TMy app in Kodular works beautifully. I expected the same
functionality with Thunkable.


Sounds cool. Unfortunately at this time, we don’t offer that feature. Keep checking back though as we regularly review what components/features we will add next! Perhaps it will be included one day in the future :man_shrugging: :blush:

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Thanks for the solid questions @germano.maniscalcogy . I’d recommend in the future that you split them up into different forum queries

You’ll be much more likely to get quicker and clearer responses :relaxed:

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