Stop Speech Recognizing

Hello, I have found a few topics similar to this but they all seem to have the opposite problem.

I want my speech recognition to stop after the user clicks a button and I can’t seem to work around it, it just keeps changing the label (I am using partial listening).

Here is a simplified version:


Ok: edit, i found you can stop it if you move to a new screen, but is there any solution better than that because i would rather not have that happen? Or if the developers could add like a “stop listening” thanks!

There is a stop listening block, right under the start listening block.


@mythi, did you find this block?

I cant seem to attach a screenshot, but speech recognizer only has “call listen”, “call listen with partial result”, “set defaultlanguage” and “get defaultlanguage”

And then in the “call listen” or “call listen with partial result”, just have error or partial result/value

Maybe you mean Text_To_Speech? In text to speech i have “call speak” and “call stop”. I’m talking about Speech_Recognizer

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Sorry yes that is true, I just went back to have a look and no stop listening for speech recogniser. Got confused as i was just toying with the same component myself. Apologies. From what i gather the listening command only activates for a few seconds anyway.

That’s alright! Thank you for your help anyway. For now I will just have the players wait the speech recognition stops.

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No problem happy to help.