Continuous Speech Recognizer

Hello community,
just using thunkable since a month and I am already finishing up a nice app with BLE. Just wanting to ask if someone did find a method to activate the speech recognizer in a loop logic.

I mean I’ve tried with a timer based loop but I am not sure which timing is good for single word commands. The app usually recognizes 1 word out of 10 and I ve tried partial and full mode recognigtion. Maybe someone crafted something better or there is an alternative because like it is now is almost useless and asking the user to click a button everytime to get a command would be nonsense.


I’ve tried but haven’t come up with anything that even remotely works so it’s not worth sharing my efforts.

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is there any way to try implement some new methods on the speech function call itself?

That sounds like a question for someone on the Thunkable Staff.


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