Speech recognizer's bizzare behaviour!

Speech Recognition Hi,

Kindly see the attached screenshots. In Blocks, I have blocks to call Speech Recognizer once the button is pressed so that the text gets populated from speech in the respective Text box.

The Speech Recogniser is working but for every different button, the text gets populated in tge 1st Text box only i.e. Text Topic box.

Really dont know why this is happening. Can any one help.


Can you copy program for me?

Do you mean to have two different Speech Recognizer components? What happens if you replace the bottom block with “call Speech_Recognizer1’s listen”?

Also, any time you see a green “error” block, you need to be checking its value. The easiest way to do that is to assign it to a label so you can display the value.

What does the error block show?

Speech recognition error Speech Recognizer Thunkable X?

These seem to be two different issues. Are you suggesting they are related?


I first tried with only 1 Speech Recogniser. But then also same result. Surprisingly, there is nothing in error block as well!


Would really appreciate if any one can help me fix this problem. Thanks.