Speech Recognizer Thunkable X

I did a project on the speech recognizer but whenever I clicked the button for it to recognize my speech, the label would say undefined. Please help :pray:

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Post a screenshot of the blocks you used. Without that, there’s no way to know what’s happening in your code.

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Speech recognition error Speech recognizer's bizzare behaviour!


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@tony-ycy-program Why are you tagging all of us? Especially when I’ve already replied to that topic.

If you mention someone, be sure to explain why you are doing that. Otherwise, I’m just annoyed!

What do you want me to know about this link?

Which button is returning the “undefined” value?

What values do the green error blocks have when you press those buttons?

It’s both labels when I press the buttons :thinking:

I haven’t used the Speech Recognizer a lot but I think that means the audio sample couldn’t be identified. If the error blocks do not show a value, then I’d assume it just couldn’t resolve the speech itself.

have you choose default language?

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Hi there,

You can use the green ‘error’ output block to diagnose the cause of this problem.

You can use blocks like the following to 1) check if there is an error and 2) if there is, display the error message:

If you try this, do you see an error message?

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