[Sovled] Where can I find Keystore for Google Play

Hello Does anyone know where i can find an Apps Keystore in Google Play.
THe only thing i can find are the fingerprints for…

They Keystore i am after is very old and even before Thunkable was involved and only Appinventor
by MIT was run…
Any ideas…?
@tatiang perhaps?

Nope, sorry.

@stefansladdeneng1 It’s a bit of a process but you might be able to use the following steps to resolve this issue:

To request to reset the upload key in the Settings menu of the Google Play Console app > App Integrity > App Signature.

If this didn’t work, you can contact Google Play Support and they can help you to get a new key from your project.

The steps to do this are the following:

  1. log in into your Play Store account and click on the icon “?”

  2. write that you lost your key and you need to update your app

  3. Choose the best description of this issue:

Upload Key Reset Request

  1. Click on next step and select send an email

  2. fill in the form with all the personal required information

  3. Please specify: select–>
    I have an upload key-related issue

  4. Please specify: select–>
    I lost my upload key

  5. Google requires that you upload a .pem file.

To get that from Thunkable you have to go to your app settings and click on Export Key Zip

Then unzip the file and save the .pem file to select it and attach it to the form

  1. describe your issue

  2. click submit

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Dear Matt,
Google are very reluctant in helping and just stating Security as a reason. In a way i can understand. At the same time not. Made a copy of my app - renamed it and changed the bundle as well…so a totally new app was to be created. And i still got problems
In swedish it looks like this

I wrote again to google with the following text
” Hi Lars

I really hate bothering you with this. I created a new app (in Thinkable) with a new bundle (com.stefaneng.crossmax)

And i still got errors. I must be in a loop or so as i cant to that. The error i get is the same as before and it does not make sense. How / what can i do to get your attention and help?

Please advice


Matt, can u help or advice in any way? Nothing seems to help here. I am going to hold an internal presentation about my apps and Thunkable for my company with 17.000 employees. ”Diving into the No Code universe; a non developers journey into mobile app creation” I was really hoping to present the crossfix app as available in google play as well… but unfortunatelly that wont happen, have to stick with apple…

Anyway, just a little bit on the background…
Please advice if you can

@stefansladdeneng1 The error in the screenshot is still related to the keystore
based on the rough translation I typed into Google.

Du laddade upp en APK-fil eller ett AAB-arkiv som signerats med en nyckel som aven anvands till att signera APK-filer for leverans till anvandare. Ettersom du ar registered for Appsigning via Play maste du signera APK-filer eller AAB-arkivet med an ny nyckel innan du ladder upp filen.

You uploaded an APK file or an AAB archive signed with a key that is also used to sign APK files for delivery to users. As you are registered for Appsigning via Play, you must sign APK files or the AAB archive with a new key before uploading the file.

Duplicated apps within an account maintain the same keystore as the original app. To use a totally new key, you want need to use the Share button in your project to create a new copy of the app with a new Keystore. There is more detailed info about this in our Docs at the link below.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 9.34.06 AM

Matt, This process made it.
Finally the app Crossfix is visible and available through Google Play
Big thank you to your engagement in the case.
Now i’ll move back into the normal support / cummunity paths.
All the best


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