Export Key zip Error

Hi I’m from Whitehat Jr so I shared my project with my teacher ( having a pro account ) and I got the AAB but when I tried changing my signing key with the key zip It says this:

Best thing to do here is to request a new key from Google

You can contact Google Play Support and they can help you to get a new key which you can use with Thunkable.

The steps to do this are the following:

  1. log in into your Play Store account and click on the icon “?”

  2. write that you lost your key and you need to update your app

  3. Choose the best description of this issue:

Upload Key Reset Request

  1. Click on next step and select send an email

  2. fill in the form with all the personal required information

  3. Please specify: select–>
    I have an upload key-related issue

  4. Please specify: select–>
    I lost my upload key

  5. Google requires that you upload a pem file.

To get that from Thunkable you have to go to your app settings and click on Export Key Zip

Then unzip the file and save the pem file to select it and attach it to the form

  1. describe your issue

  2. click submit