Something I'd like to see from the devs

I would like to have the option to have the screens collapsed when you switch back to the design tab. It is really frustrating when you to try and find the right components on a larger app. I would prefer them to default to collapsed instead of extended as they are now.



Hi samclever,

Thanks for this feedback!
You can request this feature in our Github repository.

Let me express the opposite point of view. When all screens are expanded, this allows you to quickly find the necessary components using browser search.

I can offer you this solution: install a translator in the browser, if it is not already. This will allow you to highlight the names of components in the property bar, after which you can copy them to the search bar on the page and find the component you need (Ctrl +F). If the screens are collapsed, then the search on the page will not work.

As I said, I would like the option. I find it annoying, you find it helpful. The balance is the ability to choose.