One new feature you might have missed

Hi Thunkers!
I just now found a new feature, which many, many, people were requesting.

The Screens tree, now remains un-disturbed when moving away from designer!
I was also waiting for this feature since long, and now it’s here. :star_struck:

What this new feature means is, (what happened earlier) when you collapse some screens you don’t need currently, didn’t remain collapsed all the time. They expanded when we return from blocks area to designer.
Now, this wouldn’t happen! The screens would remain collapsed as they were made!

Thanks a lot, @ Thunkable Staff! :star_struck:

P.S. @jared - you might find this topic interesting, coz I as far as I remember, you filed a github request on this :+1:


I thought that happened! it’s so convenient that I didn’t even think about it anymore. LIke, once a cut stops bleeding, it takes a bit to notice and say something. #TakenforGranted

Great work #teamThunkable and Thank You!!!

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I also requested this! So glad it finally happened!!!


Another new thing -


Find this at the bottom-most part of screen’s properties!

Thanks again, Thunkable Staff!
cc : @jared @domhnallohanlon @samclever


Very true! This helps so much.