Bring save screens back

Dear Thunkable Team,

I am writing to express my disappointment and concern about the removal of the screen savings feature from Thunkable. As a dedicated user of your platform, I rely heavily on this functionality to optimize the performance and efficiency of my apps.

Screen savings have been a crucial tool in creating seamless user experiences, reducing load times, and minimizing data usage in my apps. The ability to remember the state of screens and resume app experiences without unnecessary reloading has been a significant advantage in creating high-quality, user-friendly apps.

However, I recently noticed that the screen savings feature has been removed from Thunkable, and I am greatly disappointed by this decision. As an app developer, I rely on this feature to deliver the best possible app experience to my users.

I urge the Thunkable team to reconsider this decision and bring back the screen savings feature as soon as possible. This functionality is vital for many app developers who value performance optimization and user experience in their apps. I believe that bringing back the screen savings feature would greatly benefit the Thunkable community and enhance the overall usability of the platform.

I appreciate the hard work and effort that the Thunkable team puts into continuously improving the platform, and I hope that you will take this feedback into consideration. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Hi @tanish-satpal, thank you for reaching out. I certainly understand your concern.

The Save Screen feature has not been removed from Thunkable but it is only available to users on a Business or Team plan currently.

You can see more information about Features and Plans here

but why it is free in not drag and drop builder and not free in drag and drop ? bring it back please !

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The screen copy is so gimicky. What needs to be available are reusable groups or a personal component library. Like webflows symbols or bubbles reusable element. Then this feature would be worth worrying about.

What I mean to say is you’re not missing out on much. Might as well just copy your entire app as a template for future apps.