Cannot Remove a Screen

Hi guys,

I am currently making an app with four screens in a tab navigator. I remove the fourth screen. But obviously, it does not save this deletion. I cannot see that change in the live test. If I re-login, the fourth screen still shows up. Any ideas?


Are you sure thunkable isn’t opened in another tab ? I had this problem and closing all the tabs with thunkable and deleting the screen again fixed this problem !

Try to delete all the blocks concerning this screen as well before and all it’s component.

Hope it helps.
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I closed all the tabs and deleted the blocks then the screen. No success… Then I realized that the tab navigator needed exactly a screen with the name screen 4. I could not reproduce it in a separate test app. So, I moved all my screens from tab navigator, deleted the tab navigator and added a new one, put the screens back without the fourth. It worked.
Thank you anyway.

Oh I see, well found !
Happy you found a way !
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