Need feature for component tree auto highlight

This is a request. When you have lots of sub rows and columns in your project design and you click on any of the objects, on the component tree (top left), you have to scroll till you see the highlighted component which could be annoying especially if you have lots of components nested.

Can you add the feature so you simply double-click on the object in the design pane and it auto shows you the corresponding component even if its a sub of another sub object.


Please add a feature request on our external issue tracker (here).

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Added. Thanks

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@Mark and the rest of team thunkable! I just noticed the feature add! Thank youu!!!

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Hmm this was already implemented but what I was asking for is if you collapse all your objects and then click on each item in the design, it does not auto reveal it even though it will be highlighted but hidden since its collapsed

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So, you would like it to Highlight and stay collapsed on click or highlight and expand on the highlighted component

This is how it currently works. If you have many sub objects in rows and columns and all collapsed so you can see other scenes especially if you have lots of scenes, then when you click on for example the first scene with lots of sub rows and columns and its already collapsed, the clicked object will be highlighted by default but it will not show on the left side because its already collapsed.

To see it, you will have to expand each rows and columns till you see it but remember when you do this, the object you earlier selected will no longer be selected.

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I found a temporary partial solution to the problem. You need to add a style to the script of the Stylish plugin that expand the entire component tree for all screens.

	max-height: inherit;    

See for detail Improving the Thunkable x IDE


I too noticed it, approx the same time as you :grin:

I was going to post a topic, but I thought it won’t be relevant :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot, Team Thunkable! :blush: It feels so smooth :+1:

OK people, how do you implement this on Chrome. I am loving this :heart_eyes:

Take my example as a basis and try implementing it for the Chrome browser. If you don’t succeed, we will return to this conversation. For additional help, use the translator for this article


I can vouch for this working in chrome! Thanks for the suggestion!!

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Sorry I meant should I click on something in Chrome and paste the script or what exactly?

Hi, @sysads! :wave:

Have you read this topic @actech attached?

I think it should contain your problem’s answers.

Thanks! :blush:

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