Usability Issue

before I submit this, I just wanted to say that Thunkable is amazing and I’ve really enjoyed using it so far. I do have a usability issue though:

When I am working on a layout and say I click on a row. In the left side where all of the page components are listed, the element I select gets highlighted, but it doesn’t get brought to the top. If I am trying to add another element to that row, then I need to scroll down and find where that first element I selected was.

It’s not a bug or anything, just a small usability issue.

100% agree that the selected element should be scrolled into view. This gets really frustrating for me when renaming a lot of items, each time I rename an item, the layout container scrolls back to the top and I have to scroll and scroll until I find where I was.

Normally, you can just click the item in the layout on the right, but that doesn’t work when you are trying to select a row or column that has a “fill container” element inside of it.

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I have a plugin with a translator in my browser that allows you to select any text on a page with a text cursor. Therefore, to search for an element, I do this: select an element on the layout, then copy its name on the properties panel and paste it into the browser search field, which can be opened with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F, and press Enter. The browser searches for a component in the list and highlights it.

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