Somehow a new screen appears when i added custom data viewer

had no screenshot sorry (becuz it is Korean letter everywhere)
but quite simple

  1. i made a column for new (custom) data viewer (in another dummy project) and uploaded it to my dataviewer custom list.

  2. i put the dataviewer for my original project

  3. somehow there is new screen in original project. and it is same as the column in dummy project

i had a few of custom dataviewer but only this one made another screen and it cannot be deleted (and this screen is not in the component list which is left in the thunkable screen)

PS. i need the answer of this : Suddenly thunkable initialize screen when re-open

dont know why but now the screen automatically added can be deleted.

okay. now the screen including this data viewer above, now when screen open it crash when live test and apk downloaded.

if i click the component (of dataviewer list), then chrome browser goes white screen.
Or if i clcik delete button of the component, then white screen and alert shows (for asking are you sure delete this). and if i press yes, then chrome stays white and no deleting at all.

so i think i have to delete the whole screen and make new one.

okay i found what makes happen this situation

dont ever make custom datalist viewer format as screen name you already made.

then it make another screen and canโ€™t click and canโ€™t delete directly.

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