[Solved] Data viewer list issues [Aug 2022]

How do I delete existing Custom Data Viewer List…

You need to click “My Data Viewer Layouts” and delete them

I think this is just for PRO members, I’ve not upgraded my ac

So maybe this is a PRO feature

This should be visible for everyone @versatile

What do you see on Thunkable?


@domhnallohanlon I connected through another account and I can’t find that


Still can’t find it

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Am using a Chrome browser


Do you have a custom Data Viewer Layout that you have created yourself?

You will only see this tab is you have saved a layout yourself.

If, however, you remixed a project that uses a custom layout then you can only use it but it will not show in the layout tab because you have not created it under your account.

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I have bunch of it created already,but I wanted to get rid of some of it now

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Yes that is true, you need to have at least one created in order to see the “My Data Viewer Layouts” to delete one of them

See this image is from a Free account.

I created a custom layout and now I can see the tab

This is how it looks in the custom layout tab

Now, I’ll delete the layout I created

After deleting the layout, the tab disappeared from the project screen.

Hope this is clear enough.


@versatile did @muneer help solve your issue?

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Yeah :+1:

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