[Solved] Your app was not sent successfully to App Store Connect

I can’t publish to the App Store. The following error message is displayed. Why not and sometimes not?

Oops! Your app 영단어 완전학습-수능 was not sent successfully to App Store Connect

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Something went wrong when we tried to publish your app.

Here are the details:

Command failed: security import ***/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_f79f6bac-1f3c-4aa1-b3e5-7475fe279b91/ios/MyKey.p12 -k ***/Library/Keychains/Thunkable-db -T /usr/bin/codesign -T /usr/bin/security security: SecKeychainItemImport: User interaction is not allowed.

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Fixing this error
Please see our guide to better understand how you can fix this error. If you are still having issues, please feel free to chat with us using the icon on the bottom right of the Thunkable web platform. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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it looks like your p12 (provisioning?) file may not be right, your app specific password maybe?

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I don’t think you said it was the cause.
Not always, but sometimes
It is now a build. Right now it’s resolved. But it’s annoying.

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I have the same problem after trying to upload version 2 of the application. Would you share his decision.

@Balanced_Kitchen - I don’t think you’re in the same boat here.

If you take a look at your error message it says there’s an issue with MyCertificate.cer

When you download the distribution certificate the default name is ios_distribution.cer - did you change the name or download multiple certificates?

@domhnallohanlon-I didn’t download any certificates, after i started uploading the second version of the app it automatically loaded the certificates from the first version.The only change that i made is the version of the app.This is my first app that i have uploaded in the “app store” so i am new to all of this.Is there a process for updating an app that i am missing.Do i have to make new certificates for each new version?

Got it. Yeah, updating an app is much easier (faster!) than uploading it for the first time since, as you mention, everything is pre-populated for you.

Are you working with a copy of your original by any chance?

No, i am using the original, the only time i made a copy is just to test some things.

It looks like the version number incremented but the build number didn’t?

Can you try making a small change and update your app again @Balanced_Kitchen?


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Okay. In 67 minutes I will announce the result.

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Your app has been sent successfully to App Store Connect!

You should receive an email from Apple with further instructions on how to submit your app for review to the App Store.

I think that so far everything has been successful. Thanks!

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