Oops! Your app Güzellik Atölyesi was not sent successfully to App Store Connect

I got this
Help please.
Something went wrong when we tried to publish your app.

Here are the details:

Command failed: cd ***/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_92cb9447-e83f-409c-a8ad-1c417df774d6/ios && npx expo path && bundle exec fastlane release app_identifier:‘com.guzellikatolyesi.pw’ app_name:‘Güzellik Atölyesi’ team_id:‘Z4J27YP994’ two_factor:‘true’ build_number:‘1’ version_number:‘2’ xcode_project_path:’***/Documents/thunkable-for-ios/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_92cb9447-e83f-409c-a8ad-1c417df774d6/ios/thunkablecompanion.xcodeproj’ profile_uuid:‘91d4245d-5b8a-4675-bd16-37d27aacf2a0’ profile_name:‘Güzellik Atolyesi’ [31m [!] Error building the application - see the log above [0m

Hi @poine, welcome to the Thunkable community :wave:

Two quick things to check first:

Make sure you are using the correct .cer and .mobileprovision files. You can see a full walk through here:

Secondly, check your app settings to make sure your bundle ID matches the one you have given Apple