Oops! Your app .... was not sent successfully to App Store Connect

Something went wrong when we tried to publish your app.

Here are the details:

Command failed: cd ***/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_20ca907a-81a1-4d94-a46c-8c5d628aabf8/ios && npx expo path && bundle exec fastlane release app_identifier:‘com.xx.yyyy.zz’ app_name:‘xxxxx’ team_id:‘xxxx’ two_factor:‘true’ build_number:‘1’ version_number:‘1’ xcode_project_path:’***/Documents/thunkable-for-ios/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_20ca907a-81a1-4d94-a46c-8c5d628aabf8/ios/thunkablecompanion.xcodeproj’ profile_uuid:‘cf010a26-c2f2-42fb-aea9-ba164d6bf74f’ profile_name:‘xxxxx’ [31m [!] Error building the application - see the log above [0m

Reference ID: 20ca907a-81a1-4d94-a46c-8c5d628aabf8

What is the solution?

Hi again @doctorsof,

As you know, there are a few different places where it’s possible to make an error during this process, so please be patient as we work through them. Let’s start with the most common ones:

Does your “app_itentifier” match the bundle ID you have given to Apple?

Have you used the .certSigningRequest provided by Thunkable?

Yes i solved with this video. It is my false.

Thanks for the follow up! Best of luck with your latest app. How many is this now? Your 3rd app?

4th app.
Some times i have not figure out problems but ok i hope thunkable will solve soon every bug or problem.
Thanks for All.

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