My app not sent succesfully to apple store connect

I got this error when trying to publish my app to app store:
Command failed: cd /thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_3869f0b1-6273-42e7-9e25-faff7442be1c/ios && npx expo path && bundle exec fastlane release app_identifier:‘’ app_name:“Teap” team_id:‘NST6KLXD74’ two_factor:‘true’ build_number:‘2020117105’ version_number:‘1’ xcode_project_path:'/Documents/thunkable-for-ios/thunkableCompanionTemp/thunkableCompanion_3869f0b1-6273-42e7-9e25-faff7442be1c/ios/thunkablecompanion.xcodeproj’ has_push_notification_component:‘false’ profile_uuid:‘f5b848ec-5714-40ea-b68c-7b17afe01866’ profile_name:‘Teap’ [10:06:00] “path” is not an expo command. See “expo --help” for the full list of commands. [31m [!] Error building the application - see the log above [0m
Can anyone help me?
It is my first attempt at publishing one app in ios

Thanks in advance

Hello @vanesamozo!! Welcome to the community! :open_hands:

Publishing an app is a lot of work, so first off, great work! Thanks for bringing this to the community, I wonder if you have searched the forums and read through the tutorial for submitting to the app store. The process is a little tricky the first few times!

Have you checked the version number of the app you are trying to publish? I always double check this when I get any error when sending it to the store. Next, I download using the Thunkable download option. Then, I ask others to download the app to see if they experience any issues.

Let us know if this helps!

Yes I have searched the forums and I have watched the video on youtube from a member of tHunkable, that Is quite good to follow the process to publish in apple store.
The version number of The app is 1. I also have downloaded the app for testing on ios mobiles.
The problem is that I can not publish the app and I do not why.

Please help

It looks like maybe there is an issue with the use of the push messaging component? Maybe try removing that and publishing. I’d it works to publish, add back in. It only takes about 12 hours to push an update on the Apple store.

@vanesamozo. Here are the official docs for thunkable X. Please review these and Double check to make sure you completed every step correctly. If neither suggestion work, I would reach out to the admins. Are you a Pro user, if so what you will receive support relatively quickly.

What kind of app are you trying to publish, if I may ask?

Also, as a thought. Apple just updated their systems today and did some name changing. This potentially caused an issue with publishing your app, but I doubt it.

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I do not use the push messaging in the project. The app controlls pool equipments.The app connects with those equipments by the web api component and the values of this equipments ( level of chlorine, water Ph…),are displayed on the screen app.
When I tried to publish the app I read the official docs that you show me in the link and apparently everything was good.
I am not a pro user.
What should I try?
Thanks for your help

I can try your app if you’d like. It can be hard to troubleshoot without seeing the app. Alternatively, contact the admins. :confused:

Ok, you can try the app. Here is the link:

Just in case, how can I contact with the admins?