[Solved] What will be a proper App (Bundle) ID to use?

Hi all, please help me. I am quite new in here.

So what’s the proper App (Bundle) ID that does not parse an error in uploading apk to the Play Store? I am still clueless after searching. Thanks in advance.

Hi @isazaly

If you click your app’s logo in the upper left hand corner of the Components window, you can open an App Settings window on the right-hand side of the screen. In this window, you’ll see a property called App (Bundle) ID. This is your package name.

As you can see in the screenshot, this should follow a pattern like com.domain.creatorname.appname

Make sure none of the segments of this package name begins with a number.
Make sure none of the letters in this package name as an accent (e vs ë).

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Thanks. Cos I think I accidentally changed this default name.

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I have a related Q. I decided to change my Bundle ID name manually, because it used my personal email address. This meant I needed to un-publish my app in google developer console and start a new app, because they don’t allow you to restart with a new bundle ID.

However, now every time I try to upload this new .apk, the error message received in Google Console is: “Upload a valid app bundle”

Am I allowed to manually alter the Bundle ID in Thunkable in this way without incurring an error? Is this a good practice? Maybe I chose a poor substitute?

Original Bundle ID: com.gmail.mypersonalemailaddress.nameofapp

I’ve attempted to change to: com.app.nameofapp

I also reset the Version name to 1.1.0 and Version Code to 1?

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To publish to Play Store now you need AAB not APK. This is what the console is requesting you to do.


Really? I always used .apk in the past. :thinking: is this a recent change?

Is the only way to do this via a pro account? I am trying to upload a free app for people and trying to keep costs down as much as I can, because there’s absolutely no profit in this app at all. No ads, nothing.

Many thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately, Google now allows AAB only and in Thunkable you can only do that if you have a PRO account.

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You could choose to publish your app in other stores such as apkpure or Huawei App gallery or others. I have not tried it but you might get them to accept your APK.


Thank you for your help.


Wasted 2 weeks in building my app only to find that it cannot be published. This program is useless.

Why can’t it be published?

What issues are you facing?

Is the problem with your IT Support app? It looks interesting, don’t give up on it yet.

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Google doesn’t accept apk file format for uploading, and it needs to be a .aab file, for publishing i will need a pro account but none of the documentation mentions that the free account is useless as you cannot publish your app.

From the documentation:

“ Publishing to the Play Store with an AAB file is a PRO feature.”

Google no longer accept apk so you will have to publish as aab.

There are other builders which will allow you to publish as aab for free.

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