[Solved] What will be a proper App (Bundle) ID to use?

Hi all, please help me. I am quite new in here.

So what’s the proper App (Bundle) ID that does not parse an error in uploading apk to the Play Store? I am still clueless after searching. Thanks in advance.

Hi @isazaly

If you click your app’s logo in the upper left hand corner of the Components window, you can open an App Settings window on the right-hand side of the screen. In this window, you’ll see a property called App (Bundle) ID. This is your package name.

As you can see in the screenshot, this should follow a pattern like com.domain.creatorname.appname

Make sure none of the segments of this package name begins with a number.
Make sure none of the letters in this package name as an accent (e vs ë).

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Thanks. Cos I think I accidentally changed this default name.

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I have a related Q. I decided to change my Bundle ID name manually, because it used my personal email address. This meant I needed to un-publish my app in google developer console and start a new app, because they don’t allow you to restart with a new bundle ID.

However, now every time I try to upload this new .apk, the error message received in Google Console is: “Upload a valid app bundle”

Am I allowed to manually alter the Bundle ID in Thunkable in this way without incurring an error? Is this a good practice? Maybe I chose a poor substitute?

Original Bundle ID: com.gmail.mypersonalemailaddress.nameofapp

I’ve attempted to change to: com.app.nameofapp

I also reset the Version name to 1.1.0 and Version Code to 1?

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To publish to Play Store now you need AAB not APK. This is what the console is requesting you to do.


Really? I always used .apk in the past. :thinking: is this a recent change?

Is the only way to do this via a pro account? I am trying to upload a free app for people and trying to keep costs down as much as I can, because there’s absolutely no profit in this app at all. No ads, nothing.

Many thanks for your help!

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Unfortunately, Google now allows AAB only and in Thunkable you can only do that if you have a PRO account.

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You could choose to publish your app in other stores such as apkpure or Huawei App gallery or others. I have not tried it but you might get them to accept your APK.


Thank you for your help.