Problem with updating android app in google play

Hi, I have encountered this error since I upgraded to Pro.

It says the apk file must contain the name:

Updating with google play worked fine few days ago, since then I added a sign in with firebase and upgraded to Pro. Nothing else is changed. The file name was ok with last update. Anyone encountered this problem before? Thanks.

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If this is an update to an existing app in play store then it should maintain the same app name and bundle ID (app ID) which is similar to the user email.

Yea, the name was the same as previous uploads.

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Check your bundle ID in the project settings page to be the same as the original published app and the version number is higher.

When adding firebase you package may be different even if you didn’t change IT.
I’ve encounterd this a few Times with My projects.

Yep,that fixed the problem. Thanks you soooo much for the help.

It turns out when I published my IOS app. It automatically changed my bundle ID.