App bundle ID force switched on me

So I tried to download another AAB file for a google play store update and Google tells me that my AAB file changed its bundle ID name. ??? Which confused me because I never changed it manually. Now im trying to fix the error which I didn’t cause, I believe thunkable has to fix this error on there end because I already tried to change it manually with no success. Please help me with this. Up to this point I have had over 33 versions of my app updated to have out of nowhere my app having a app bundle ID error with my version # reset back to “1”

Sorry to hear about this issue that you are having. What was the App (Bundle) ID you had before and what is the App (Bundle) ID you have now?
Thank you

Are you working in a copy of your app by chance? You can change the bundle yourself, have you tried that just to be sure?

Yeah that was the very first thing i tried. and no not a copy, i understand why you might have thought that though, there is a copy of the apps earlier version. was the original, no its

And it is my understanding that you are unable to manually change the App (Bundle) ID under settings correct?

Ok so after some time passed I am now able to edit my app bundle without error. I was able to change the bundle ID and everything is fine. It must of been a glitch.

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