[Solved] The package name in your file does not match the one you entered earlier

Hello, I want to publish my app on the App store. For that, I followed the thunkable documentation. Unfortunately, I am having a problem at the “generate and upload your app’s unique Provisioning Profile” step. When I upload the profile, an error message is displayed. The error message is: “Oops! The package name in your file (com.nizer) does not match the one your entered earlier.” I have tried several times but still get stuck. Can you help me please ? Sincerely, have a nice day!

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I’ve found that Thunkable often resets my App (Bundle) ID. Check that and make sure it exactly matches what you have in your provisioning profile (which you may need to recreate) in your iOS Developer Portal account. Make sure there isn’t trailing text, also. For example, it may look like it’s just com.nizer but actually be something like com.nizer.temp.


First of all thank you for your reply. However, I tried again, checking several times that the (Bundle) ID was the same in the provisioning profile. I recreated multiple iOS Developer Portal accounts to try again but it still doesn’t work. Please help me, I have worked over hundreds of hours on my app. I still have this problem to resolve to release it on the App store. I really need your help please. Thank you in advance for your answer !

You may also need to have Thunkable Pro in order to publish it
Maybe you publised it into the Thunkable?

No you can see it in the picture, I paid Thunkable Pro and this project is in Pro mode. The error does not come from here. The error is “Oops! The package name in your file (com.nizer) does not match the one your entered earlier.” You can see this error message in the photo above. The problem is with this error message!

Did you contact Thunkable Support by using the orange chat icon?

Also a couple topics that are related:

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I just contacted Thunkable support using the orange chat icon. I’m waiting for their answer. Thanks for your patience and help as it’s frustrating spending so many hours coding an app and being so close to the goal of being able to publish it to Apple. I will look at the two topics you sent me. I’ll keep you posted as soon as possible.

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One thing to take note. If this is an update of a previously published app then you have to match the bundle ID of the previously published app and cannot be changed.

It’s okay I managed to solve the problem. To explain to someone who would have the same problem in the future. First of all, you have to go to thunkable settings. You have to copy the App (BUNDLE) ID. See the first photo attached. Then, you must go to IDENTIFIERS on your Apple developer account. You will create your IDENTIFIERS. There will be a Bundle ID box. You can see it in the second photo. You will then put your bundle Id that you copied from thunkable in this box. Thus, there will no longer be this error which prevents the application from being published. You will then have to recreate a profile on Apple when you have created your IDENTIFIERS. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address:

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Thank you very much for your help and answers. Good day !!!

You’re welcome! And thank you for posting your solution so other people will know how to fix this.