Frustrated trying to publish to App Store (provisioning profile error)


I will appreciate any help on this problem. I have been working about 6 hours to get my app sent to Apple for approval. I’v been running into all kinds of problems, but i have figured most of them out. I’m stuck on getting a working Provisionary file in step 2. It keeps telling me that “There is something wrong with your uploaded provisioning profile file.” Or : “Oops! The package name in your file (com.bakerbobcats) does not match the one your entered earlier…”
Please regenerate one from the Apple Developer website."

I have made 4 Provisionary files on the Apple Devloper website, but none of them work. Forever grateful if you can help me!

Rich Redmond

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Hi, @rrredmond5134! :wave:
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We’re sorry that you are getting problems while publishing your app to iOS App Store …
Please make sure, that you have followed every single step accurately from the docs. I’ll link it here - click me.

Also, I think the error particularly says that you have entered 2 different package names - please make sure how to do this with the provided guide link above.

Thanks! :blush:

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if you have ever copied your app, this can cause issues with mismatched package names. If they don’t match your provisioning file, the app won’t pass.

make sure this

matches this

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Could i pay you to let me share my screen and guide me through it? I’ve tried so many things, I don’t really know what is what anymore.