Failed to upload App Store provisioning profile / Fehler beim Hochladen des App Store-Bereitstellungsprofils

Hi everyone,

I’m currently having a problem publishing to the App Store. I took the name of the bundle id and now I get the following error:

Please regenerate your Apple provisioning profile and rename the profile with only English letter, number or space.

  1. I shortened and updated the Name in App Bundle ID (Thnunkable).
  2. Also changed for Profiles and Identifiers (Apple).
  3. New certificates created and uploaded (Apple)

Still the same error message.

The deployment name consists of 14 English letters and a period (.)

What do I have to change to make it work?

It’s possible that having the topic title in German may dissuade people from reading it. I know I didn’t look at it right away because I figured the whole topic was in a language I don’t speak.

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The instructions say to rename the profile only with English letter, number or space. A period (.) is not any other those so you need to remove it.

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hello tatiang,

thank you for your answer. I must have made a mistake in the headline with the translation!
It’s even nicer that you still made the effort. Thanks a lot for this!!

You are absolutely right.
The problem, the point only separates the file identifier.

myname (placeholder) consists only of letters without ä,ü,ö or special characters ,_-/ etc.

I see. Then I am not sure what the problem is.

really difficult. That’s the problem.

And you’ve changed the name here?

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