Upload provisioning profile

I’m trying to publish my app to Apple Store >> Following the Steps one by one >> Until the step where i’m asked to upload Provisioning Profile Generated By Apple when I upload the File there is an error message where it says

Oops! It appears the file you uploaded is not a (.mobileprovision) file. Please upload the Certificate you generated from the Apple developer website.

However, the File which i am trying to upload is actually a (.mobileprovision) file >> Here when things becomes complicated …

Please I need Help Here to Uplaod my App to Apple Store and i’m pretty sure i am not the only one here who has have faced the same issue .

Thunkable Developers With All Respect If this problem still there and you are not doing anything to fix it >> as i used the floating chat button to talk to the support * Takes 24 hours for them to relpy with un useful information * >> I just Ask u To remove publish to IOS button and never talk about it again

Can you please record a video showing the issue? and send us the video and provisioning profile? It will help us to debug the issue quickly.


Thanks for your reply
… As you can see the second downloaded file format is mobileprovision and when icupload it i get the error


I don’t know if it makes a difference but can you rename it to Hadool_Store.mobileprovision instead of Hadool_Store (4).mobileprovision just in case there’s any issues with spaces or brackets in the file names.

I have the same problem.

We have an idea about what is going on. Please wait for 24 ~ 48 hrs for a potential fix. We will let you know once we release the fix.

CC @tingc

Good to hear that… Waiting for the fix to come

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também com o mesmo errror , grato pela ajuda

We just released the potential fix, and hopefully, it resolves the issue. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please let us know.


Still having the issue…

also tried to do as suggested here and nothing Where do I find the package name to make it match?