[Solved] Stuck in app store connect


I follow the tutorial step by step for a successful submission of an app on the apple store (testflight)
I’m stuck in the app store connect I can’t choose the bundle id

Capture d’écran 2022-12-26 à 10.42.25

I wonder what I missed

Hello @bibbi Did you register an App ID on App Store Connect?

in fact that’s what I’m doing according to the tutorial the app id must have been created on the apple developer account if I’m not mistaken

@bibbi it must be done on Apple store connect

Maybe did you already using this Bundle ID in another app?

i had actually made a first try and I had the same bundle id

I would like to propose a beta with TestFlight
do we have to fill it all in?

  • the visuals
  • promotional text
  • the description
  • keywords
  • support url
  • etc …

if so I look forward to a tutorial for an ad-hoc distribution which seems less demanding even if it is for a reduced set of users

thank you

@bibbi no, you don’t have to fill all of these for the TestFlight. But you can’t have 2 apps with the same Bundle ID. Please use only one app for TestFlight and publication.

when i select TestFlight i get this screen :

i do know what to do

@bibbi you need to go through the Thunkable app’s publication process and after you will receive a success email you will be able to see the build on this screen.


thank you for your support

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