Mismatch Bundle ID

I only have one app to register but I keep getting this message.
Any ideas on what to do.
What is listed in the how-to-do by Thunkable is slightly different to what Aplle wants, but I’m sure I’m doing everything properly.
Even when I delete everything and re-do it all, I still get the same projectId each time.

Also, I don’t own an Apple device. Is that a problem?


@peterjamesleniq Not owning an Apple device should not be a problem. This error will show when the Bundle ID used in your app (found in the Project Settings) does not match what is used when you created the certificate. Can you confirm that those are both the same?

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Hi Matt,
Yep, thanks for the reply.
The solution was so simple but I didn’t realise it, until you directed me to the right place.

First time is always the hardest.
I had to let it all go until I came back home from Sydney.
But I have now uploaded it onto the Apple MacIntosh App store.

Now for the difficult bit, getting people to download it and use it and get feed back.

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