[Solved] Status bar color blending issue

I have been trying give feedback on a thread that is marked as “solved”, so maybe my feedback won’t get through??

Please have a look at the end of this thread:

I’m sure it must be a bug in the new feature??
Otherwise, how can I solve this? This does not look good at all. I am using iPhone XR.


Thanks for the feedback @andreas.sjdtomypv - just wanted to acknowledge that we’ve seen this and will be following up on this issue.

I’m not sure that this is a new issue, but completely agree that it is an issue.

Did something change during those couple of days - did you update your version of iOS?

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Hi. Thanks for your answer.
I appreciate that.

No, no update or so have been made, it just suddenly disappeared. It has happen more times after that. With an already built app, after a few days that bottom bar goes white again.


Any news regarding this “not so reliable statusbar colouring” issue, and that white stripe that appears on the top-part of the statusbar on iPhone XR?
I am just to be finished with my app but I won’t publish until this is fixed, it messes up the experience for the user of my app.

Thanks! And thanks for a great service! :+1:

A thought…
Since it is possible to change the color for the statusbar now, why don’t give possibility to make it transparent in that color tablett? I know there is an option for transparency in there, but that wont work., at least for iPhone XR that is not possible…That would solve the issue for those who want to have a background image cover the whole screen.


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