[Solved] Status bar color blending issue

Am I the only one who is facing this issue?

No status bar showing up can Thunkable add a status bar color option so we can decide if we want black color status bar on that specific screen or white and by status bar color I don’t mean background color I just mean status bar ( carrier time battery health etc) color. thanks :slight_smile: :innocent:

did you try setting the screen background color? For me that works fine in Android and iOS and I just create a full size row when I want the content to have another background. What OS are u using?

Best, Chris

And what device is this?

@Chris @tatiang I’m using iPhone 6s+ iOS 13.3

@Chris yes I do the same but if I put any other color except black n white it works but I want it to work over black and white

@Chris @Domhnall the issue is back on iOS, probably since a very recent update. I compared against a previous build on Testflight and it looks ok. Any ideas?

@Deluxe we recently added support for the camera notch - that might be it?

Can you share some recent screenshots and steps to reproduce this it please?

Hey @domhnallohanlon. Great to hear you added support for the notch but… where can we configure it from? What kind of “support” did you add? I am checking the app and screen settings and can’t see any reference to the notch.

…and the answer is???

I am also having the same problem in my application. A white bar appears, even without selecting a status bar.

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Its on every page no action is needed.

@oreeldadln what do you mean? Did you find a way to control the color of the status bar on iOS we are unaware of? So far the trick was to change the screen’s background color. Any trick would be welcome.

@domhnallohanlon any news from the front?

I meant the background color trick doesn’t work anymore.

Hi all,
I got the same issue, when using “dark mode” on iOS. The statusbar contains white text on white background. I found two workarounds:

  • switch back to “light mode” :frowning:
  • define a background color different from white (light grey or so) in your screen.

My screens background color is black and I want to preserve the black color for my status bar as well irrespective of whether the device is on dark mode or not. Let me be very specific: this worked properly until a recent update.

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This white bar appears in my application, even if I don’t show it. How do I solve it?WhatsApp Image 2020-11-18 at 10.16.16

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can you fix it soon, please?
it really damages the viewing experience of my apps.

Any correction ?? this error is happening in the iphone apps.

No… No solution yet. Awaiting for the Thunkable staff to react.

Any correction ??

any news?