[bug?] status bar not showing

I am making a webwrapper. Thunkable

my status bar settings are like this

but my screen is like this

the status bar is only white. it should be grey i would think.

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i think you use iphone if yes the statusbar color will not work its just for android

use the dark-content and its will work

and on iOS the status bar color should take the screen backgrund color but its not work now and
thunkable team will fix the bug soon as they say

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We have the same issue and looking forward to see update from Thunkable

@bader_mouti what you pointed out got me halfway there.

But moments after taking that screenshot, the status bar reverted back to blank or “light mode”

I’m wondering if this is my phone (iPhone 11 w/ iOS 14) overriding the app settings?

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there is a-lot of bugs with the status bar on ios
I am facing this issue, and I am waiting for the Thunkbell team to fix it.
but for the moment you can use the Drawer_Navigator to fix it

set your screen under the Drawer_Navigator and then go to the Drawer_Navigator options
and set DrawerWidth to ( 0 ) .