[Solved] Status bar color blending issue

@oreeldadln @Michael_Rogulla @sethimagiciangde can you confirm that you’re all on iOS too? Or are you seeing this on Android?

Is this just affecting screens on their own or are you using one of the navigator components in your app?

What “show status bar” setting are you using?


I’m on ios.
I’m using the bottom navigator in my app but this happens on all the screens.
status bar style - default.


  • Platform = iOS
  • Navigator = Bottom tab navigator
  • Screen background colour = Black
  • StatusBar Style = light-content

Status bar before:

Status bar after:

I’m on ios too.

In this application I’m not even using the status bar. I want him to show an image as the background of the screen, but he is showing a white “bar” at the top of the image.

any solution? it’s still the same for me…

Same here…

Any progress on this? Any plans to make it work again like it used to?

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Any update?

Hey @Deluxe, which version of iOS are you using? Perhaps this is related to the recent iOS 14 release?

I am on iOS 14.2 which I installed about a week ago on my iPhone 7S but my first message about this issue was posted 25 days ago so I don’t think that the iOS version is related. I do remember you mentioning something about Thunkable enabling support for the iPhone’s notch but my question about how to configure that feature since there is no such option in the screen properties remained unanswered.

One more thing… when I install an older version of my app on Testflight, the issue is gone. It only occurs on the last build I did 25 days ago. So definitely not related to the iOS version…

Brilliant - can you please send me both of those versions and we should be able to figure out the cause so.


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You mean, you need the IPAs?

Nope the project link.

The one with /project/ in the URL as, if you send a /copy/ link then we’re looking at a different project.


There are no “both of those versions” I can send you. There is only one Thunkable project which created an IPA and sending to Apple sometime about 3 months ago (which did not have the problem) and then the same project creating another IPA and sending to Apple about 1 months ago (which did have the problem). The latest version was correcting some issues which had nothing to do with the layout of the app or its status bar settings so those could not possibly have anything to do with the issue. And let’s not forget that I am not the only one having the issue. What I can do is to create a dummy app and send you to test. Would that work?

Please please please send me a project link that reproduces this issue.

I’ve been asking you for this for quite a while now and can’t proceed until you do this.

I provided the above 19 days ago. Anyone could create a blank app and set the above two, compile the app and witness the issue. No worries, I went ahead and did it myself:


Don’t forget, you need to compile the app, download it on your device and only then you will see the issue.

I hope this helps.


This is a copy link. We’ve covered this in the community, and PMs and emails (and possibly chat support?) already. Recently:

And also:

I really want to help you (it’s been almost an hour and a half already today) but I need you to send me a project link first.

Thank you.

Does this work?

Some thoughts on this issue. So far we have been using the screen’s background color to control the color of the status bar on iOS since there is no way to control it like we can for Android using the “StatusBar Color (Android Only)” setting. If there was a similar option for iOS, that would be even better as we would be able to control the screen color and status bar color independently. Makes sense?