[Solved] Status bar color blending issue

This would be amazing!

farhanlatif027i3df is that in the thunkbale classic or thunkable X

Thunkable X. Thunkable classic is no more.

@Deluxe just trying this out with the other StatusBar Style properties, but when it’s set to “light-content”, so far, I’m seeing the same thing as you are.

Will keep you posted.


Just following the issue …

Any updates ?

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any updates?

Any correction ??

I just recompiled my app and still seeing the same.

Just making sure that this remains in our radar for getting fixed…

I am so sad because the Thunkable team is not giving attention to this issue. I have been waiting for more than a month and a half. I have an app ready and ready to be published. But wait for this problem to be fixed. The customer I created the app for him , he no longer trusting me



Any new updates from Thunkable team?!

I think it’s something to do with the bottom tab navigator, changed to top navigator and issue was fixed for me, anyone else using bottom navigator and having the same issue?

Status bar seems to go when any interaction takes place with content inside of the tab page

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any news?

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Let’s hope we will get some traction on this tomorrow

i dont think so :sweat_smile:

I am having the same issues. See below for pics. I am on iOS version 14.3. This happens when the app is downloaded only.

This is Dark mode.

This is Light mode.

@James-Squire Thanks for clarifying that the issue seems to be specific to the bottom tab navigator. I’ll take a closer look and see if we can get it fixed. Are you seeing the issue in built apps and the Thunkable Live app or only built apps? Is this a separate issue from what @22rdhallqp reported in the last post since it seems like they are using a top tab navigator and seeing some issue.

@22rdhallqp Sorry can you clarify what you mean? When you say this is Dark mode do you mean the screen in that screenshot has the status bar style is set to dark-content or do you mean the phone is set to dark mode? If you meant dark-content is it consistent that the screens set to dark-content always do not display a status bar?

I think that @22rdhallqp’s top picture shows ‘light-content’ an an (expected) black background which is exactly what the problem is. Up until late last year, the iOS status bar would have the same color as the screen’s background color. So what we did in our apps was to set the screen color to black (what he calls ‘dark’) so that the status bar’s white fonts (light-content) would appear. The bug is exactly that: what you see in his bottom picture is white fonts on white background because the status bar no loger inherits the screen’s background color.

I hope the above description helps.


Ah so the issue is that you used to be able to set the color of the status bar on iOS but it is no longer working. I see, thanks for clarifying. I’ll take a look at it.